Keynote by Tamar Elkeles – mLearnCon 2013

by WorkLearnMobile

From Millennials, Generation Xers to Boomers, mobile is spanning across all generations and becoming increasingly ingrained in our lives, mobilizing every moment.

Tamar Elkeles drives this notion with conviction and encourages L&D to prepare for the future workforce, that is digital natives who are rapidly transcending from type/click, to touch/swipe and moving on to gesture/speak. At the onset, she aptly highlights the changing norms of communications and lives in general, and questions the thinking about traditional e-learning that may no longer be applicable to the oncoming cohorts.

Drawing from interesting research studies about mobile behaviours, she offers direction on potential opportunities where L&D can use mobile to better support their employees. She gives some insights into Qualcomm’s own, internal priority areas for mobile learning – areas that have worked well for Qualcomm, and are likely to be very relevant for other global employers too. These include New Employee Orientation, Leadership Development, Language Training, Compliance training etc. But this isn’t just about talk – she shares some real examples too.

Demonstrating the open culture of Qualcomm, Tamar shares the firm’s strategy for enterprise mobile adoption, and emphasizes the need to move away from full courses on mobile to easy avenues that support performance, sharing ideas and key moments of innovation.

Watch the video to learn more!

You can also download it from our resources section

Besides Tamar, there have been few other presentations from Qualcomm staff. Check them out in our Blog.

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