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"Mobile learning is not about mobile courses - it is about using mobile to help you work smarter, learn faster, and life an easier life!"

Geoff Stead, Qualcomm

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Educational textbooks: ripe for disruption . . . (discuss)…

10:50 am · August 26, 2016

Celebrate friday with a gorgeous #VR #360video tour of Yosemite . . . with Obama!

9:10 am · August 26, 2016

RT @nickfloro Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs For 21st Century Students…

6:53 am · August 26, 2016

@EJBusch maybe an ellipsis or exclamation, emoji etc... And I'm thinking over 100 or 1000

3:46 am · August 28, 2016

@EJBusch or if it goes over a certain amount (Band, Line App, chats...)

3:34 am · August 28, 2016

RT @MYSADCAT My cat is sad because he is watching a plane in the sky & wondering if it is travelling to a magic land without pain

2:13 pm · August 27, 2016