Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"This generation is sharing information on mobile devices all the time, they are redefining what we are doing in the classroom and redefining our learning perspective!"

Tamar Elkeles, Qualcomm

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Self-paced e-learning is dead. Long live mobile, personal, augmented, gamified

If you are interested in the online learning industry, take the time to check out Ambient Insight’s long, but interestingly blunt report on the future of the generic e-learning industry If you are in an industry still wedded to big-screen e-learning makes  for a chilling read. Just have a look at these growth rates For the <TL:DR>…

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RT @bengoldacre So you know: 2057 will look back on our UK schools segregated by race and religion - and teachers tolerating this -with amazement & disgust.

4:57 pm · February 17, 2017

Be inspired! @FreakyFwoof explains how, as a blind musician, #mobile tech is critical for work and life. #a11y……

3:01 pm · February 17, 2017

Is it art? Is it learning? Using #AR for fun, engagement, beauty and learning #edtech #mlearn……

1:05 pm · February 16, 2017

RT @charlesjennings Want to Be More Productive? Sit Next to Someone Who Is. The 'exemplar effect'… HT @wadatripp #@702010Institute

9:55 am · February 19, 2017

RT @KathChapman Evidence and data. That's a very good place to start...…

9:54 am · February 19, 2017