Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"Mobile learning = performance support, reference tools and help when you need it most."

Geoff Stead, Qualcomm

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by Geoff Stead

Innovation Labs: embedding enterprise innovation

Is your organization innovative enough? The ultimate innovation challenge in business is how to balance two opposing forces: Allowing the freedom to innovate while at the same time managing business as usual. Sadly most large organizations fail to keep these in balance. They fail to innovate themselves, but at the same time  fail to successfully import innovation from others How can…

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RT @dusttodigital Remembering Sister Rosetta Tharpe, gone 46 years today. When she was asked about music in the late 1960s, she said,……

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RT @thenextweb Want to run more efficiently? Tie your feet together, say scientists

3:15 am · October 10, 2019

@eLearningGuild A3 - Shameless plug, of course... but my new book Shock of the New is a great place to start. Lots……

6:51 pm · October 18, 2019

@eLearningGuild A6 - Hopefully people that have read my new book - Shock of the New. It's a framework for evaluatin……

6:49 pm · October 18, 2019

RT @britz Just about time for #GuildChat. Looking for ideas on seeking and selecting tech (for L&D)? Join in at 11am PT/ 2pm ET.

5:58 pm · October 18, 2019