Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"Kids of today are growing up totally differently than previous generations. We in L&D need to capitalize on that."

Tamar Elkeles, Qualcomm

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by Videhi Bhamidi

CHAMPIONS review: A Framework for Enterprise Mobile Learning

A refreshing new framework for Mobile Learning and Performance Technologies: by WorkLearnMobile and Float Learning, 2015
Have you come across the word “Intertwingled” before? Why ask? It’s because intertwingling is at the heart of a fascinating whitepaper introducing the Champions framework for mobile learning.

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Twitter has a 136 page guide for politicians - very funny!…

6:49 pm · October 5, 2015

RT @britz Lots of energy is spent trying to fitting new ideas into old paradigms. May be more efficient to just change the paradigm #SocialAtTheCenter

5:35 pm · October 5, 2015

RT @tosachris Great #AugmentedReality sess w/@geoffstead - "How'd your training change if your app knew what learners were looking at?" #DevLearn

5:45 pm · October 2, 2015

RT @Edudemic How to Teach Students to Evaluate the Quality of Online Information by @TheLAW_NC #onlineed #education

7:02 pm · October 6, 2015

RT @TakedownMRAs Hey everyone, a teenage boy is here to tell us why feminism is dumb.

12:25 am · October 6, 2015