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Key Lessons from L&T Conference – Keeping it real & changing roles of L&D!

A recurring subliminal theme that surfaced in the recent L&T conference was to “keep learning real and closer to the learners” and it may be time that L&D professionals start donning multiple hats to make this happen.  Scenario-based learning, video-based learning and user trialing were three learning interventions in addition to mobile mindset which were…

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RT @markjspivey Great paper to check out, already been exploring some of these options #xAPI, #LinkedData, and #SemTech

3:05 am · February 28, 2015

RT @phaggots [dog gets asked what color the dress is] "The thing is, I don't see color" *twitter goes fuckin nuts*

11:56 pm · February 27, 2015