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"BYOD is already here, 50% of workers are using three or more devices for work."

Forrester, 2013

Moon is about 75% eclipsed now. Looks cool. Time for bed. #LunarEclipse

6:49 am · April 15, 2014

The lunar eclipse appears to be starting. We just took a peek at the moon and it is getting dim on the lower left side. Pretty cool.

6:00 am · April 15, 2014

Design Challenges and Considerations for Responsive eLearning… via @UpsideLearning

3:40 am · April 16, 2014

RT @ibid78 "You know why I pulled you over?" "Does anyone know why anyone's pulled over?" "Wow. You're free to go." "Is anyone free?" "Oh you're good."

2:09 am · April 16, 2014