Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"The increased uptake of education due to the mobile learning was one of the key differentiators that fetched IBM the prestigious SAP Pinnacle Award in Service Expansion in 2013."


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Why LinkedIn buying Lynda is good for mobile, but scary for L&D

LinkedIn surprised us all this morning by announcing they have bought the popular video learning company,, for $1.5bn. Both parties sound ecstatic about the deal, but old-school L&D departments ought to be shaking in their shoes. They risk being left behind in the stampede of engaged employees, looking to the web to help them…

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The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage - Arie De Geus

9:06 pm · April 27, 2015

The next big thing in design? Less choice, writes @hugeinc CEO @amshap via @FastCoDesign

7:18 pm · April 27, 2015