Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"Mobile offers huge opportunities to re-evaluate how to deliver learning and content to folks wherever they are!"

Tamar Elkeles, Qualcomm

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Self-paced e-learning is dead. Long live mobile, personal, augmented, gamified

If you are interested in the online learning industry, take the time to check out Ambient Insight’s long, but interestingly blunt report on the future of the generic e-learning industry If you are in an industry still wedded to big-screen e-learning makes  for a chilling read. Just have a look at these growth rates For the <TL:DR>…

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Some great #PedagogyPopups here by my colleague @lauraahaha - This on the effectiveness of tech for learning #elt…?

9:02 am · February 24, 2017

@TroyHennig @LinkedIn that can only be answered after years of meditation and introspection

6:08 am · February 23, 2017

RT @LayersOfDust The @gomolearning team is growing and on the lookout for a passionate developer to join our amazing team.

7:05 pm · February 23, 2017

RT @Sugatam 'Knowing' and 'learning' have meanings that are different from the meanings they had before. Please, if you have...

7:04 pm · February 23, 2017