Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"BYOD is already here, 50% of workers are using three or more devices for work."

Forrester, 2013

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by Geoff Stead

Winning Brandon Hall Gold (again)! Exciting and ironic at the same time

We’re really pleased that our mobile learning has won a Brandon Hall Gold for the 2nd year running! We were awarded Gold for the Best Advances in Mobile Learning 2015. Unlike our fellow awardees we didn’t submit for one single app, but instead described the broader mobile app strategy that we were running at Qualcomm, and…

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RT @jamesiry The artist has captured the essence of the system admirably

8:16 am · February 11, 2016

RT @bschlenker Guerilla Learners are the most important learners that the L&D industry fails! #LT16uk @geoffstead

2:43 pm · February 4, 2016

RT @thesteverichey I felt the presentation was amazing and also the presenter seems like a cool and handsome dude

3:25 am · February 13, 2016

RT @ClassroomAidInc Reviewed by Jason Haag (@mobilejson, ADL) and Dr. Sharma (@rc4u2nv), this introductory writing of #xAPI is for polic…

11:12 pm · February 12, 2016

Women write better code, study suggests - BBC News -…

8:04 pm · February 12, 2016