Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"Our mobile initiative reduced training instructor days by over 200 with an 18% reduction in training administration costs year-to-date."

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by Geoff Stead

Innovation Labs: embedding enterprise innovation

Is your organization innovative enough? The ultimate innovation challenge in business is how to balance two opposing forces: Allowing the freedom to innovate while at the same time managing business as usual. Sadly most large organizations fail to keep these in balance. They fail to innovate themselves, but at the same time  fail to successfully import innovation from others How can…

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RT @sameerahim To celebrate Eid, I thought I’d share some quotes from an amazing memoir by an Indian Muslim who visited Britain in……

7:54 am · May 14, 2021

RT @VeryBadLlama learning French has really encouraged me to live in the moment because I currently cannot conjugate any other verb tense

12:33 pm · May 11, 2021

Learn what makes our San Diego office so special from two of ServiceNow's engineering leaders. #LifeAtNow

11:51 pm · May 6, 2021

RT @threadreaderapp @WilliamHite Hello, here is your unroll: @RoadsideMum: You may have heard Home Secretary Priti Patel needs to make……

11:59 am · May 15, 2021

RT @alisonwillmore CDC recommends everyone start practicing wearing hard pants in 2-3 hour increments, working your way up to a full day

3:54 am · May 14, 2021