Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"Our mobile initiative reduced training instructor days by over 200 with an 18% reduction in training administration costs year-to-date."

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Self-paced e-learning is dead. Long live mobile, personal, augmented, gamified

If you are interested in the online learning industry, take the time to check out Ambient Insight’s long, but interestingly blunt report on the future of the generic e-learning industry If you are in an industry still wedded to big-screen e-learning makes  for a chilling read. Just have a look at these growth rates For the <TL:DR>…

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Look who I found! Discovered this #timesofIndia article in my taxi today.

12:05 am · September 23, 2017

Very excited. Our Quiz Your English app should pass 2 million games this week! Join us…

11:50 pm · September 22, 2017

Suited up and ready for our session on the future of tech for learning & teaching in India #CEnglishIndia……

8:28 am · September 21, 2017

RT @timpmartin Figuring out when and how we do work in support of the #xAPI community:…

12:51 am · September 22, 2017

RT @RogueSNRadvisor Trump has brought a map showing electoral college win to EVERY meeting w/ a world leader. Folds it up & brings it out midway through.

12:27 am · September 22, 2017

RT @SarahKSilverman Jimmy's on the most righteous rampage and it's indisputable and excellent…

12:26 am · September 22, 2017