Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"BYOD is already here, 50% of workers are using three or more devices for work."

Forrester, 2013

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by Geoff Stead

Innovation Labs: embedding enterprise innovation

Is your organization innovative enough? The ultimate innovation challenge in business is how to balance two opposing forces: Allowing the freedom to innovate while at the same time managing business as usual. Sadly most large organizations fail to keep these in balance. They fail to innovate themselves, but at the same time  fail to successfully import innovation from others How can…

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RT @HigherEdSurge If Amazon does not view the use of its voice assistant devices as appropriate in the K-12 space, the company’s effo……

5:40 am · May 21, 2019

@jenastelli Jen - you are forgiven. The main thing is not to get disheartened and give up. I’m in Barca working on……

8:21 am · May 19, 2019

RT @fchollet Ever wondered where cashews come from? Apparently they grow from the bottom of a cashew fruit. On a cashew tree. A……

12:05 pm · May 12, 2019

RT @HughFW I’m voting #Green tomorrow for a People’s Vote and a People’s Planet. I.e. one that’s actually worth living on.……

10:18 pm · May 22, 2019

RT @Tony_Robinson I know you’ll vote. But please lean on your friends and family to vote too. Put it at the top of your list of jobs for the day. #Remain

10:09 pm · May 22, 2019

RT @IanDunt If you're committed to fighting Brexit, the very best thing you can do today is to convince other Remainers to vote……

7:41 pm · May 22, 2019