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RT @cluedont The man said 'Shake what your mamma gave ya!' so I did, but the lid came off of the Tupperware and now I'm covered in shepherd's pie. :(

6:51 am · July 30, 2016

Norway is considering giving Finland a mountain as a gift. Cute!

6:59 am · July 29, 2016

RT @kiwanja Maybe it's about time we had a "Combating Global Terrorism" Innovation Challenge. @OpenIDEO?

9:27 pm · July 28, 2016

Almost a month now but no resolution. Airtel cust support is a mega #fail…

4:27 am · July 30, 2016

RT @Josh_Bersin People who take vacations more likely to be promoted. That should motive you to get away!…

7:06 pm · July 29, 2016

RT @G4C Join @porterstowell and @IBMWatson on an adventure through the human body with their Medical Minecraft mod #G4C16

7:06 pm · July 29, 2016