Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"We started looking at learning, but quickly expanded to include any mobile utilities that help you work smarter."

Geoff Stead, Qualcomm

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Film or Festival

by WorkLearnMobile

Wake up L&D. Do festivals, not movies!

I’ve just completed a keynote at World of Learning in the UK, exploring some of the emerging technologies that are impacting today’s businesses. We covered the usual topics (AI, VR, mobile, personalisation), before diving into a fairly meaty dialog about how the entire Learning and Development industry needs to to re-calibrate a bit. The “rude…

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RT @oreogunb So. I wrote an article on being a black girl at Cambridge. I'd reeeeeally appreciate if you gave it a read. It was……

4:13 pm · December 7, 2017

Join our #OEB17 session today on learner engagement at scale. 2:30 in “Rook” room…

11:08 am · December 7, 2017

RT @billmckibben Trump announces largest reduction of public lands in US history. This is, literally, sad.…

11:54 pm · December 4, 2017

RT @flyosity NYT: Donald Trump watches 4-8 hours of TV per day, has trouble starting work before 9:30am, calls Gen. Kelly 12+ ti……

12:03 am · December 11, 2017

RT @sharplm Spaced learning, navigating post-truth societies, immersive learning, inter-group empathy, learners making science,……

10:17 pm · December 8, 2017

RT @CSHRgovuk Be curious about learning, it’s time well spent. Browse our new digital-only topics - now free to civil servants.……

10:14 pm · December 8, 2017