Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"Top learning companies are twice as likely to be more proactively designing content for mobile use."

Towards Maturity, 2013

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by WorkLearnMobile

Self-paced e-learning is dead. Long live mobile, personal, augmented, gamified

If you are interested in the online learning industry, take the time to check out Ambient Insight’s long, but interestingly blunt report on the future of the generic e-learning industry If you are in an industry still wedded to big-screen e-learning makes  for a chilling read. Just have a look at these growth rates For the <TL:DR>…

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RT @BarackObama Health care has always been about something bigger than politics: it's about the character of our country.…

5:09 pm · June 24, 2017

RT @JackNathanMoran 'We know what we know: #AI does not know what it knows, in any meaningful meta-cognitive sense of the word'……

8:58 am · June 21, 2017

RT @trucano Gamification and the Future of Education (useful primer from the World Gov't Summit; pdf) #edtech

10:39 pm · June 19, 2017

RT @dancow Interesting example of turning prose into data and back into prose:…

7:39 pm · June 24, 2017

RT @Spacekatgal We have building codes so your house doesn't burn down a neighborhood. I plan to implement same for cybersecurity.…

6:10 pm · June 24, 2017

RT @seeingwithsound The vOICe costs less than 10% of a BrainPort tongue display and less than 1% of a retinal implant… Today $185 on eBay

4:24 pm · June 24, 2017