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"BYOD is already here, 50% of workers are using three or more devices for work."

Forrester, 2013

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Woebot – a chatbot app for mental health

Meet Woebot, a friendly, robotic voice who wants to help you manage your mental health. . . and it seems to be working. Anxiety and depression can have a real impact on people’s lives. Mind (UK mental health charity) found that nearly half of all public sector workers have been forced to take time off because of…

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@DamienMcKenna @1Password I have the family license from a few years ago. Will there be an option similar to that?……

6:14 am · May 23, 2018

Planning without a strategy to guide your decisions results in exhaustive wishlists competing for limited resources.…

4:07 pm · May 18, 2018

Blood, Sweat, and Profiles: Advancing the work of #xAPI Video Analytics - #lrs……

11:27 pm · May 23, 2018

RT @WillWorkLearn The Snake Oil Story—Preface to Clark Quinn’s Book on Debunking…

11:20 pm · May 23, 2018

What does a successful project look like to you? Read these success stories at #Mayraitup……

7:21 pm · May 21, 2018