Using the Power of Mobile for Learning at Work

"Mobile learning is not about mobile courses - it is about using mobile to help you work smarter, learn faster, and life an easier life!"

Geoff Stead, Qualcomm

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by Geoff Stead

Innovation Labs: embedding enterprise innovation

Is your organization innovative enough? The ultimate innovation challenge in business is how to balance two opposing forces: Allowing the freedom to innovate while at the same time managing business as usual. Sadly most large organizations fail to keep these in balance. They fail to innovate themselves, but at the same time  fail to successfully import innovation from others How can…

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It was a great day. Congrats to the organisers…

6:51 pm · October 20, 2018

RT @DonaldClark "On average, humans have one testicle”... that's why most data analytics recommendation engine projects in education are misleading.....

10:09 pm · October 18, 2018

Another example of a false sense of security masking some real risks...…

8:16 pm · October 10, 2018

RT @euronews Peering billions of light years into space, astronomers in Chile have detected the largest, most extensive collecti……

10:54 pm · October 18, 2018

RT @tomforutah Remember when Howard Dean couldn't be president because he yelled once? #horseface

7:53 pm · October 16, 2018

RT @GeorgeTakei If you are turned away at the polls because your name is not on the register, don’t walk away. Say this: I REQUEST……

11:12 pm · October 15, 2018