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Why we should consider tablets in Workplace Learning?

by WorkLearnMobile


Amit Garg

Why WorkLearnMobile asked Amit

Amit is a recognized m-learning evangelist, listed among the top ten eLearning movers and shakers for 2012 and 2013. As a Cofounder and Director at Upside Learning he actively shares his thoughts, and ideas via his blog and public speaking engagements around the world.

Where do tablets fit into mobile learning? Amit Garg from Upside Learning argues that they are the perfect first step into it, with evidence from benchmarking reports and industry showing the rapid uptake of tablets, their impact on learning and how we are living in an increasingly mobile world.

He discusses current workplace trends like BYOD, mobile workforce, and Millennial penetration; and highlights how the changing workplace increasing mobility is creating an exciting opportunity for mobile devices in the workplace. He anchors his thinking on traditional models like Conrad Gottfredson’s 5 moments of learning needs and extends it with emerging forms of informal learning, highlighting how mobile is the future of learning.

Focusing down onto tablet based learning, he offers the following reasons to take tablets seriously as learning tools:

  1. Tablets are the fastest growing category of mobile devices
  2. Tablets are changing the way we interact with computers
  3. Tablets have already entered the workplace
  4. Tablets provide eLearning on the go, for your mobile workforce
  5. Learning can finally merge with work
  6. Tablets open the door to the world of mLearning

He sums it up by saying “Trends suggest mobile is the future of workplace learning. If you are getting started – tablets might be your best option”

To find out more about his thinking, Amit has co-authored an e-book that offers insights on strategy, design and development.  Available on PDF as a free download.


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