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Virtual Photo Booth – building a global team culture

by Geoff Stead


Imagine if your global business had “portals” in each office, allowing staff to teleport back and forth, and meet remote colleagues? Would that support your global company culture?

Qualcomm’s Virtual Photobooth App is a light hearted way to meet senior execs based in buildings far away!

Qualcomm has almost 30,000 employees spread across 40 countries. Between us we speak almost 70 languages and come from well over 100 nations. So – truly global. Yet the heart of our business remains very connected to the ideals of our founder (Irwin Jacobs), and our main campus (San Diego). We are proud of this heart – and always looking for ways to help remote staff feel a little more connected to the main campus, and the leadership based there.

Our Virtual Photobooth app uses augmented reality to allow employees to take photos with senior execs, or occasional celebrities who happen to visit one of our offices. See for yourself

Light hearted? Certainly

Doing good? We certainly hope so. We have certainly had a lot of downloads, and positive comments.

Good showcase? Absolutely. We have several of our partners and clients asking for their own!

How did we make it? We built native apps, in both iOS and Android, using the open source vuforia platform

Would this help your organisation? What are you doing with mobile to support global culture?

  • williamwalker91

    This was very interesting to read. Can you tell me more about a virtual photo booth? I actually had an idea about a photo booth being able to link with Facebook for photos.

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  • Anthony LoBosco

    Any idea when this will be available and if you need any candidates for a pilot project you may be running. Contact me if any interest. My company is involved in the Photo Booth business.

  • geoffstead

    thanks for the comments. The app is internal-only at Qualcomm, but the underpinning technology uses the free Vuforia AR / computer vision system. You can sign up at to get all the code, and technology to make AR apps for iPhone, Android as well as a growing number of head mounted displays!

    • Juan Pablo

      Hi Geoff,
      Im very interesting in the app as we want to do something like that for one of our Events. Is it still available? How could I get a copy of it?

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