WorkLearnMobile ─ Cutting Through the Hype

by Geoff Stead

Welcome to WorkLearnMobile.

You’ve heard the hype. Mobile is everywhere. More smartphones than feature phones are sold the world over. Global connectivity continues to increase, while data costs drop. Mobile learning is changing the landscape of teaching/training/learning/working.

Cutting through the hype: what really works?

Well, these are all true, but the tricky bit is that phrase “mobile learning”. What is it, exactly? And how do you know if you are doing it right? Are we talking about e-learning courses that fit on your phone or performance support tools? Mobile games for learning or reference tools?

The answer is all, and none. Unlike e-learning or distance learning, which have fairly defined domains, mobile learning is more of an open toolbox. The available tools are mobile, but the domain and use cases are up to you. If you can define your learner needs, or specific training challenges, mobile can offer some tools to help

At WorkLearnMobile our purpose is to share information and provide insights about how to use m-learning in your organization. We will be drawing on the best experts in Corporate Learning and Development, and work-based mobile learning to help you debunk myths, and explore how mobile learning can make a significant impact on the performance and productivity of your employees.

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