What’s new in enterprise mobile learning?

by Geoff Stead

Interested in what’s new? Curious about the coolest learning projects out there? Get the inside scoop by checking out some of the talks from this year’s Learning Technologies conference (now free to access)

I always enjoy attending Learning Technologies, as it seems to have the highest percentage of industry thought leaders I ever find in one place, and the “free downstairs fee upstairs” creates a nice vibe, with easy movement between the space to be sold to, and the space to learn. (of course, some learning happens on the trade show floor, and some selling upstairs . . . but you get the picture)

My session was a round-up summary of some of the emerging mobile technologies I have been working with in the past year. Check it out, below and let me know what you thisnk. I was very honoured to have been voted one of the top 3 sessions of the entire event!

Health warning: This video is the full session. Not short. So for max enjoyment pop a beer and put your feet up!

Or alternatively, if you are in a hurry, here is the final slide that summarizes it all (see below for the tl;dr summary)

Summary slide LTUK16

My top tips: the 5 minute read:

  • Use ALL the mobile affordances you can. Don’t get stuck with mobile as a mobile browser / content channel only. (see champions framework)
  •  You may need to tweak your enterprise network to make the most of mobile. (But the entire business will thank you, even IT)
  • We’re big fans of shifting learning from a push, to a pull model. We had huge success with our enterprise appstore, filling it with multiple learning apps from different sources, and letting learners chose what worked best for them
  • Multi-device, multi-device, multi-device. Learners hop devices. get used to it, and make sure your learning can follow them
  • Guerilla learners are the employees you most need, but probably also the ones traditional L&D is failing. (read more about guerilla learners)
  • The real magic of mobile learning is CONTEXT. Using the mobile smarts to locate the right learning, in the right place, at the right time.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? What did I miss?

ps: For wider inspiration check out the full playlist of LTUK16 presentations


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